Google Adwords Comment


I just started to get into Google AdWords.  You’ve seen the ads that pop up when you do a search or visit a website.  Most of the time I ignore them because most of the time I am not looking to make a purchase.  However, I’m not the norm.  Apparently Google makes over $100 Million per day from AdWords.  That is incredible and shows that I am not an accurate representation of the masses.  I suspect that whatever Google is doing is working for those that are using their AdWords services and that’s why they continue to come back and why Google is making such revenue.

Well, when I heard that the Google beast was making such a killing I decided to explore further.  I started to learn more about AdWords.  I’m not going to go into detail here because I could not do it justice.  If you want details go to Google.

The guys and gals at Google are impressive!  The things that AdWords can do for your business and the tools and reporting available to you seem to be well thought out and must have been quite challenging to create.

Anyway, AdWords allows you to advertise via simple text, image, and video ads.  The tools allow you to target your customers in sooooo many ways to improve your chances of accomplishing your goals.  You can target users of desktop pcs, tablets, and mobile devices.  You can target users in specific locations; who have specific interests; who speak certain languages; who are looking for certain things; who like certain topics; who have visited your website before; and on.  I especially like how you can laser focus your advertising campaign.

Google understand that advertisers have different goals and are set up to accommodate you.  Some only want brand exposure; some want more traffic; some want conversions.  Some want to do one or more of the aforementioned via text or image ads, while others want to use videos.  The choices available to you!

You set your budget and only pay for times when your ad has been exposed to a user, or when a user clicks on your link, or when a user converts on your site.  I like it!

As you can tell I am no expert but I like what I have seen so far and I cannot wait to try it out to see if I too can be successful using Adwords.

Perhaps I will let you know how I do later.